avoid junk mail label

Of course you want people to open the mail you send. Unfortunately, those recipients will probably hold up to five other pieces of direct mail at the same time yours arrives. If you’re not careful, your envelope will end up in the same place as all the rest: the trash.

To avoid this costly situation, you can use a little creativity. The goal is to get people to open your mail, so the first step is to make the envelope lumpy. Including something with your copy—something that recipients can feel through the paper of the envelope—will elevate their curiosity. As the rest of the mail hits the top of the pile of garbage, yours will stay firmly in hand.

So, what can you include to make that envelope lumpy so that people are dying to rip into it? Here are a few ideas.

Send Something Useful

A simple letter, even if read, will eventually end up in the trash. If you include something the recipient will actually use, however, you could keep your company front and center all the time. Some of the items that do really well include refrigerator magnets, notepads, and pens. Everyone needs these, and most will hoard whatever they can find for later use.

Wouldn’t you love to know that people see your brand months after your letter was sent? Even if they don’t contact you right away for your services or visit your store for your products, they might just come around at a later date.

Include Product Samples

Small samples of your best-selling items or new products could pay off big time. The initial cost can be prohibitive, so plan carefully before sending. Be sure you can protect the products so recipients don’t end up with broken samples. Start with a select group of consumers—particularly those who fit your buyer personas to a tee.

Not only will you hook those who receive the product samples, but they’ll be sure to tell others if they love the items. You’ll get the benefit of word-of-mouth marketing in addition to your direct mail efforts.

Give a Gift

Everyone loves free stuff. If you sell products or services that just can’t be sent in the mail, consider a gift card or coupon instead. Be sure to let the recipient know there is a free gift inside, since these may not be as lumpy as they need to be to get buyers’ attention.

Keep in mind that consumers love gifts they can share with others. This is called the entourage effect, wherein the recipient can show off his elite status by including others. A gift that’s large enough for two or more may bring you more than one customer.

These ideas do cost more than the price of postage, but the return on your investment will justify your spending. When you’re ready to explore more ways to grow your business through direct mail, we’re here to help.