direct mail works


Retail companies, both local and national, rely on direct mail marketing to reach new customers, nurture customer relationships, and reignite customer loyalty. A healthy mix of marketing channels is the best way to find and keep fans of your brand, but direct mail marketing consistently shows the highest success rate over several different categories. Are you wondering how print marketing stands against digital efforts? Let’s take a look.

Provides the Strongest ROI

The most common misconception about digital marketing is that email and social media are “free.” The truth is that a lot of money goes into all forms of marketing, and direct mail returns the most money for your investment. To give you an idea of the possibilities, direct mail averages a 1300% return, with $167 average spend on each customer with $2,095 average purchase from customers.

When it comes to just finding potential customers in the first place, 34% of B2C companies say direct mail provides the strongest ROI for customer acquisition. Direct mail marketing is also critical when retaining customers, too. Of those same businesses surveyed, 37% say direct mail marketing is the strongest marketing option for customer retention.

Consumers Still Read Direct Mail

Believe it or not, 76% of consumers surveyed say they read direct mail from retailers. Catalogs tend to get the most face-time. Consumers say they spend about 25 minutes with direct mail as a whole, but a single catalog could get 30 minutes. If you check your open rate for the last marketing email you sent, you’ll see the open rate probably didn’t top 20%.

Contrary to popular belief, those reading direct mail aren’t fifty years or older. Young adults under age 24 are the most responsive with direct mail. In fact, 92% of them say they prefer direct mail when making purchasing decisions. Also, 39% of consumers say they’ve tried a new business after receiving direct mail, so they’re not just reading—they’re also acting.

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