‘A Change is Gonna Come’. Well it did, and now it’s here. Only, this new change is about the new standards and regulations for self-mailers.


Two reasons for this change:

  • It will reduce damage to mail
  • Reduce jamming of sorting equipment

There are envelopes, and then there are folded pieces of mail, which are the size of a normal letter, but with no binding. 


These new regulations go into detail about tri-fold mailers and quarter-fold mailers, as well as many other options for mailing materials. A couple differences include simple things such as:

  • No tabs placed on the bottom of the mailers
  • Self-mailers now need two tabs
  • The mail piece is to be folded bottom-to-top
  • The address must be on the middle panel of the mailer
  • Etc. (A link to all the details will be at the bottom!)

As for the exceptionally specific details about the new self-mailer regulations, here’s the revised standards pdf: