Fulfillment Services

"As a small nonprofit, AMI's team and the array of services offered makes it so easy to accomplish a number of tasks in one place, with quality results in the end."
Mindy Tate
Executive Director
Franklin Tomorrow & Friends of Franklin Parks, LLC

Mail fulfillment is a simple and affordable way to utilize supplier volume discounts and also save on shipping and handling charges. If we are printing your mail, we can customize the piece in advance to allow for printing in bulk and shipping in multiple drops based on your time or budget needs.

Pick and Pack

AMi provides pick-and-pack mail fulfillment.  If you have stock that needs to be stored and shipped on a schedule or as requested, we are your source.

Need packages with multiple items assembled and shipped to customers all over the world? Our warehouse team is experienced in even the most complex assembly and packing/shipping needs. Fast and accurate, we can take care of your pick and pack needs.