Direct Response Marketing through Direct Mail
October 31, 2017

Direct Response Marketing - Generating impactful marketing via Direct Mail and More

The purpose of marketing is to expand your brand and drive action, but not every marketing effort provides the same result. Before getting into what’s the best marketing you can do for your brand let’s identify what goals you have for your marketing. Time for a quick marketing exercise!

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AMi Marketing is your Full Service Marketing and Print Partner
October 18, 2017

Printing Nashville - Finding a local Commercial Printer partner

Finding a local print partner can be tough. Yes, there are the big online print companies that can print/ship overnight if you want to roll the “I hope it looks ok” dice. The other option is to find a commercial printer locally that gets it right every time. The price you ask?

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Learn about Direct Mail Marketing with AMi Marketing
October 06, 2017

What is Direct Mail Marketing - Defining marketing and advertising efforts

There has to be a way to get my business into the hands of potential customers. Oh wait, there is! Direct Mail Marketing is the tried and proven marketing method that gets advertisements into the hands of potential customers.

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dynamic content printing, direct mail printing, direct marketing
December 19, 2016

Dynamic Content Printing vs. Variable Data: How Do They Compare?

Dynamic content printing and variable data printing are two different sides of the direct mail coin. How do they compare?

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direct marketing, direct mail, nashville direct marketing
December 12, 2016

3 Direct Mail Ideas to Help You Win Old Customers Back

Your old customers are one of the most important demographics to target when rolling out your direct marketing mailers.


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